Our Story


Thank you for stopping by! We are PPeony Sorority Apparel - a greek clothing company focused on encouraging Asian / Asian American Sorority connection and growth. We believe everyone deserves to show off their greek letters in style. That’s why we started this company - to enrich your lives with quality clothing and beautiful designs.

Above all, we believe in enhancing your experience with us by providing exceptional products, resources, and customer assistance.



Our Story


While working a financial firm, I felt miserable, empty, and untrue to myself. If you keep up to date with most financial firms, you will know that they do not always have your best interest at heart and I felt that their values did not align with mines. I knew I was hardworking and after working at this company I built knowledge on how to and how to not build a business practice.

After quitting my job, I spent a lot of time in one of my favorite places, the library. Researching business ideas, testing the waters, and reading a lot, I mean A LOT, of self help books. I stumbled upon a website that created personalized handkerchiefs. I don’t know how I connected that with Greek life... Maybe the idea of having personalize apparel with personalized Greek letters? Who knows, but the idea came to my mind to build a Greek Apparel business.

Funny thing is I was never a part of an Asian sorority. I always wanted to join but felt that with being a Computer Science major, it would affect my school work. Instead I joined an engineering fraternity, Theta Tau. From being in a small Greek organization, I knew there was demand for cute wearable clothing but no supply. I talked to my friends in Asian Greek organizations and they all agreed that they wanted to wear cute greek apparel but bigger companies focused a lot of their attention on Panhellenic organizations or bigger sororities. Unfortunately, Asian sororities first branched out in the late 30s and are still forming new organizations starting in the early 90s. This made me think that there were was definitely a demand for Asian Sorority Apparel but no supplier available. 

After thorough research, I felt there was a huge demand for smaller sorority organizations that were not being fulfilled. That’s when I got the idea to start an sorority apparel company specifically to help smaller organizations have more variety. My loving fiancé encouraged me to follow my dreams and go for it. That’s how I started my own line, PPeony: Asian Sorority Apparel.

PPeony, is a destination for women of all backgrounds wanting a mix of greek clothing, sorority accessories, gifts and home décor that reflects their personal styles and unites them with their greek organization. We are committed, as always, to offering our customers signature products and unmatched service.

I absolutely love our products and and I'm sure you will too!